ZuZu’s Petals and FailSafe


I want to believe that I’ve made a mark.

I have altered lives .

Rescued some from icy waters.

Reached out. Enriched.

and, in turn, became Richer.

(we all do?)

But  does the past look eerily similar to present?

This old smoky hick town

Has the same sad skyline of soulless eyes

As the day I arrived

I, for one, feel nearly as poor.

Somewhere there has to be a fail safe.

A switch that stops the rich and powerful from

Tippling poor and downtrodden.

Surely Something stands between us and


I want to find  ZuZu’s Petals

Tucked from an eon past

into my pocket.

I want to go on believing

Good triumphs over evil.

One word

One action



That separates  Futurevile

from past possibles.




It’s a Wonderful Life-ZuZu petals



  1. …so well you arranged your alphabet
    to (eversogently) capture
    that feeling in autumn
    of what’s done and knot
    and could we or would we
    (cruel conditionals)
    and time ever flowing around
    slowly slowing travers
    and the unfairness
    of expenses and returns on investments

    but even in this deranged balance sheet
    life yet lives and breathes and will not
    will not allow demagoguery to kill
    what is good and right
    in those of us who see the whole world
    as family.

    Of love and hate,
    I believe love trumps hate.

    1. Rg as always, you seek and find that which I have expertly woven into oblivion. Yes I know you too are a nail picker upper I note your addition here and think of it every time I lean to pick up the errant metal.

      1. You are a weaver of rare talent and as the weaver oft times perhaps too busy weaving to see that the colors you choose, and the warp and weft bring understanding rather than oblivion…

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