Month: November 2016

Dia de Muertos mosquitoes

I slug ice water in the November heat.

Mosquitoes buzz and bite while

I scrape the last seed

From a jack o lantern

Words. I never thought I would put

in the same sentence

Pumpkin carving and skeeters.

Stale sulfur slices hot north gusts

As coal fired sugar beet mountains


Fuel trick or treaters to speed through

Candy routes. Sugar coated wrappers

On their way to landfills or open sea

Rusted leaves rattle sadly.

Ghosts Of trash bags. Past

Clinging to branches.

Withering spectral fingers reach

To the zillion plastic election signs waving

Weaving in wind. whispering to the sky

I’ll be with you soon.  soon

On the Day of the Dead

Corals cry

Ice weeps

And Oceans Die