Month: April 2013



My head is full of angry, cruel words.
The thousand brutal lashing of misplaced adjectives
Heaped on me.

Like most women
told us so many times we were
Fat ugly thin scarred tall short repulsive
Mousy stupid bitchy demanding
old wrinkled worn
We wear descriptors of our past enforcers
Like layered clothing

It would be so easy to shed them
Give them no value.
And drink of new
Softer words of kinder folk

But we cling to our cruelties
As if they were perfume
We inwardly validate our flaws
Because what we search for
If we search long enough
We can find such

I hear I am warm
Caring beautiful kind considerate
Talented brilliant funny sweet

I shrug
Layer protected
Tight to the essence
Like lavender fae

where the Sandpiper meets the Sidewalk

sandpiperIn Lonely Downtown Memphis
I follow a sandpiper
Or she follows me.
We both seem a little off the path.
I know I am lost
We walk together
Or as nearly as
Two wild creatures be.
She is searching for water
And I?
Well, I am searching for
It’s a lonely world
I told her
And she agreed
When a solitary being
Is the only one
Who still believes
In Love

….story by Halcyon Spinz


co writer. KenLevy

Cyber space is now

Big brother isn’t the only one watching
Everybody is watching . And nobody
Whatever goes out the fingersis reachable toanother

Ages back, we said,
‘You grabbed my words right out the air’
Does that mean we own them
Or own up to them?

Like a new manifest destiny
When compressed
Grasp for
climb into someone else’s legroom.

sell space as if we own the air
electronic signals orbit
Resembling galaxy constellations
like a bizarre overcrowded thrift store

a staggering, blinding sense
of cumulative humanity

ships to shores
deny someone else their terrain

ownership of every cyber word grabbed by
Robotic Wispy coils riding sky, land, sea
A clunky junkyard of thousand thousand gps satellites

Beaming us back and forth.

A giant wirey hand
Could crumple all the alloy bits
Into a single cube the size of
Our state
suddenly, precariously holds this entire earth population.


He types,
“I’m feeling a little crowded in here”

he snatched the words right out of my mouth