Tiny Tears


I see them now

secret Lines of demarcation
at morning’s  dark
You know, the part just before
The birds begin to sing
When farmers rise to milk cows
a city has yet to yawn
I see a thousand pictures
Across a 4 am brain

Drawn in years.

Sketched in frown
sanded sculptures- our stories
Sweep  our decades
Thumbprints on a negative
Permanent  damage
Visible from divide to digital.

Christmas. Easter. Birthday.

Wagons. Horses. Tricycles

Tiny Tears.

Things just don’t turn out the way we thought

They say a picture is worth a thousand words
If so, then therein lies
Iliad and Odyssey
Of scholars, sieges and sequels
Like those of old
Lions follow Lines

Though Demarcations visible,
Boundaries.  Lack.
You can see them. Still.
If you wish


  1. once again you have writ true
    times razor slicing infinitely thin
    that line between then and tomorrow
    we dance with delicate, bloody feet
    on that now

  2. once again you have writ true
    of then and now
    times’ razor slicing infinitely thin
    the line between now and then
    and we
    we dance delicate, bloody feet
    on that edge

  3. AND YET – definition by the as is NOW present moment. spiritual innate energy within us all – the linear forward march motion. our path….to do and be a better person everyday…lafeywitt keep writing

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