the real reason pigs can’t fly

Did you know that pigs can never see the sky?
They’ve never known a sunrise,
Full moon, blood moon, shooting stars
All lost on pigs.

For even while lying on their sides
Caked in clay
They can never see the sky
They don’t know for certain that tomorrow
Is tonight’s sunset rimmed in
crimson and maroon smoke from far away wildfires

It’s a fault in the setting of their eyes
On too wide heads
They only know that there is sky
by its reflection in mucky water
So perhaps that’s why they don’t want so much
To fly

I’ve wondered about myself
How often
Do I look up to see the sky?
Except for the times
Floating on my mat in my tiny backyard baby pool
Searching for UFOs

I’ve flown but I didn’t care for it
Enough to ask for wings.

Perhaps we all decide choose
To live in our mud of choice
To turn
Even one eye
From simple truth of earth
To simple truth of stratosphere

How blue
Must be
The Skeye.



  1. I like it, the thought of
    the eye not beholding
    the sky
    hence, no reason to
    fly…brings to mind other
    unknowns untried
    for being unknown.

  2. no hogs, pigs for me! hunter not put animals in pens, cages for foods.. and oh yes I am in the sky! for my white Indian cfw..kiddo your prose invites us all who are willing and able to delve into ourselves. rock out

  3. I like this explanation better. Until now I assumed it was all aerodynamics–a mismatch between body shape and ??? So good to see your writing. You put more into the sky with Skeye. Much more complete.

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