Can or Worms

I practice germaphobia, religiously

I don’t shake hands or hug.

I wear mask and gloves to the grocery

(much to the consternation of fellow shoppers)

yet,  I bow to pick aluminum cans from gutters.

this week, it’s all about night crawlers.

the net says they migrate in rain

Fragile. scooting across pebble and pavement

like the rest of us.

But they have yet to learn the art of dodging pitfalls.

i can’t bear to see them in gutters among oilslick

prestone puddles

no neck to lift to view a larger horizon.

they seem to be drowning in asphalt

these sacred beasts who bring life to soil.

i can relate

I’ve been there.

there is a yuck factor

as they wriggle back to life in my bare fingers

(cannot figure out how to do a proper worm rescue with gloves!)

not for long. I fling them to safety. Fast.

where they disappear rather quickly for an invertebrate.

they don’t seem to particularly care for grass blades.

No nod of thanks.

But I thought I heard the earth sigh

her sweet soughing.

but that’s an whole nuther

can or worms


  1. Cute poem on earthworms (I used to call them “fishworms”), They are good for the robins, soil and the plants that are sustained by the soil. I have roughened, fishworm soil bumps at the outlet of my house roof downspout outlets where the clover thives.
    We have had 5 1/2″ of rain this month. The worms crawl on the Zuni street pavement where the robins hop after them.

  2. shaking of the hands
    is no way obligatory
    but hugs

    that’s a
    different thing

    there is a certain degree of
    must be
    in a

    over time, hugs
    are better than
    most other
    things (a poor choice of word but…)
    what’s a person to do

    hug, that is.
    very necessary to

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