Ahhhhooooooo Ungawa!
Lions got the Powa
Hear me? Ya. I say,
Ooooooooo Ungawa
~~~~~~~~~~~~1970s high school cheer

We talk funny these days
And by talk
I mean text
Abbreviations read like military code
syntax that makes English teachers grind
Their teeth
feeling like that grit on ripe purple grapes
If you forget to wash them

K. I c u @ 8?
No. B4!

Voice to text results
In long rambling
Confusing diatribes
Punctuation optional

Ttyl I off work now I no come prty my sines r kilt me

A comma now and again would help
But a full stop seems to be in the past

A sit down conversation, apparently,
Once a parlor art
Now, completed as we sit
Sidebyside in Starbucks
Eyes to the device
Swinging from wire to wire

Still humanity leaks through
Our ongoing feeble attempts
To communicate
We want so to understand
But faster. We haven’t time for a full disclosure

We learned to read again right through
The bizarre, the intangible, the illegible, the irritable
The. And other articles of speech
Apparently another casualty of digitalization

Gong bk 2 ck n
c y u no der
I no u no like dis Wthr

Universal Tarzan language
As he desperately ached to speak to any other being
Cried out as he swung to two vines too


(On my way!)



  1. Boy you nailed it, it is a different language and a different world! I’ve wondered about this many times. I have a smart phone and I get personal email, work email, text and phone calls with it, but it’s a tool, not my life. Went to the Mtns for the weekend and saw young couples sitting in restaurants together, both faces and thumbs in their phones not talking to each other for most of the evening. Amazing.
    > I walk to the bus stop and all around me have their faces and thumbs in their smart phones. I walk down the street in Downtown towards the bus station and those walking by me either are on the phone or faces and thumbs down on the phone. I wonder if they ever spend time alone, with their own thoughts?

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