Haircut in two voces

imagejust a little
Are we exactly the same persons after haircuts?
A little off the top
imageIs the mirror image the same?
To balance things
Does the previous 3 months wash away like a fairy tale?
Make it even all around.image
Are we new selves?
Smooth it over.
Or is it like a photograph ?image
We want the outside to match our inside.
imageIs a part of us taken away?
The inside where We feel warm.
imageDo we enjoy surprise or suffer shock?
Soothe us with your comfortouch.
All I want Is all I want.


  1. If every haircut could leave me looking like I did the day before I realized I needed one I’d be happy. Like a long-haired dog clipped for summer I’d like to hide for a few days. No, not the same until a few days pass. This is a dangerously insightful writing. This was like looking into the mirror.

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