Winter vacation in Omaha

There’s a comfort in the cold
Winter sets in with a bit of snow
To muffle humanity
No kids screaming on at the corner
As they jump on their trampoline
No three wheelers rumbling in alleys
No lawn mowers endlessly foolishly
Grinding manicured pastures
No cars screeching brakes while
Windows open pounding out bass rap
Dogs inside garages
Make the long freezing nights silent
Far, far in the distance coal train
Horns spilt the cool dark like a acoustic zipper
I open my westerly window to see the sharp bright stars
To listen to humankind hibernating
As the last Canadian geese nosily cross
The fading sunset
I wonder if townsfolk too
have all headed south
To seek comfort.

For me
I would rather vacation in Omaha
I love the sharply painful frigid air
It fills my ipod headache with the calm
That January brings
Where I wait by
Flickering tv light
For sleep that will arrive
On the next train
Or the next


  1. I will just stay inside with my jammies on & hope the furnace keeps working. And there are no dogs barking tonight! JW

  2. Omaha Chamber of Commerce will probably be contacting you for permission to use your cool poem on the virtues of vacationing in Omaha in the winter. Acoustic zipper–good one; among others.

  3. Dang, after reading this glowing travel report me and mine are getting our thongs, florid shirts, straw hats and sunscreen and going.

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