all that is lost is not forgotten


I make fun of people
Mostly in my head
Since I don’t allow myself in public.

Who knows what ridiculous scorn and sarcasm
I might spill at
Some random person or persons who feed on
Puerile Reality tv, news and faked soap opera
This is the best we can do?
The most that we can hope for?
While 2000 years of literature
Mould on library shelving.
Dawg Bounty Hunter
Coyote News
Display our supreme efforts?

Equally Childlike,
An expensive House
Wastes our hard earned money
Eating pizza. Filibustering
Mocking emailed protests.

Every day in August
Yellow Dog tried to climb
The dying cottonwood
In the back yard.
He explained to me as best he can
In a yowled growl.
But I could not understand dogese.

The first freeze of October
Shed leaves for the big reveal of
Long Lost Soccer Ball
he’s had since he came from the shelter
He keeps a wary eye on it now.
I told him the squirrels put it there
To tease him.
I have no way to retrieve it.
I am not sure there’s a ladder high enough.
It really wasn’t the best lie
I could tell.

I am sure if I watched a bit more of
CFF Network (Cheats, Fibs and Fabrications)
I could have come up with something
Equally foolish as the garbage
Trickling through wires.
This is the culmination of our keenest minds?

How foolish is our waste of the hour.
How easily lost anthology of collective wisdom.
I shake my head.
Prop my iPad on my library books
I play
Another round of Fishdom Splash.



One comment

  1. book in hand always, dictionary at the ready; Charles shows us not to lose our instincts, or our memory skills, absolutely!!! I do love movies can watch a movie a day,,,my place of solace to heal…. but the nonfiction tome never without…. idiot box. – per bill davis our wise, childhood neighbor!!! a good one cuz,,,evocative, thought provoking

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