Without Wounds Epilogue- Present Day

Timeline- The Twenty First Century

Captain Alberto David Thomas eased his metal rimmed vessel, The Royal Endeavor, up the channel lined by enormous cedars. He had dropped the sails of her wind-driven turbine two days from the time land approached. He knew her windmill mast was easily visible for 50 kilometers or more. He wanted to see the Mystic People. He wanted adventure and to learn more about The Peoples than were offered in the 500 year old DeRamo Texts. Perhaps The Peoples also had changed some of their technology.

He could see he was being watched closely from the spruce covered hills by Native riders on ponies. Just last night, his crew had carefully fended off the Water Ghost Warriors without bloodshed and with songs of greeting. The warriors were, no doubt, befuddled by construction that could not be damaged.

He had viewed smoke from hearths and fires of villages one night ago. He was certain many People of the Nations lay in wait for his men and women sailors with sharp spears and arrows that could fly as fast as bullets. Despite body armor, death likely awaited the sailors from Europe through sabotage or illnesses of the Central Land.

Every move of this exploration had been planned for years. No animals were aboard. Only a  few scientists who had been in isolation chambers before the mission had been selected. No vermin or rodents of any kind were aboard due to sonic devices on the mast. Physicians cautioned that the native peoples could be exterminated from the spread of germs long eradicated in Europe and Asia. Scientists hoped that the few white people and many horses or goats that had been allowed to exist on the Land had provided a type of vaccine against measles, smallpox, and influenza. Everyone had masks to prevent the spread of these germs but the teams had worried that the use of masks might alarm The People.

He knew the immense bay was  Sacred Water. The oceanographers had been busy for weeks examining the thousands of new fishes, corals, and mammal water species. The beauty was beyond his imagination. He knew that these wise and learned People had knowledge far beyond the books in the Atlantian Library.  A surprised, concerned voice came over the intercom announcing a sighting of numerous wooden crosses lining the shoreline to the south.

The mission of the Endeavor was terrifyingly simple. And must not fail. Communication between the cultures was essential without disrupting the delicate ecosystems that had been in place for eons. The harmony in which the Tribes continued to exist on land and water must be studied, analyzed and replicated onto lands destroyed by environmental damage.

Captain Thomas, with a large number of his crew, had argued that the survival of the human race hinged on implementing practices of the People. Events on the Sacred Lands must occur at a measured and deliberate pace. His crew of scientists and sociologists was prepared to wait, developing communication slowly over decades if need be.

His shore crew pulled off their clothing and boots, rinsing in the salty water to prevent contamination, singing the songs of the morning chants. They knew it was not exactly appropriate but it was unlikely that the People would attack during the Sacred Song, if the words were still correct. Carefully, they stepped along the steel plank, ready to leap back onto the ship if needed. They laid glassware, ornate china, decorative jewelry, carved titanium walking sticks, and copper kettles upon the shores. They set an immense glass tank of live lobsters next to the fiber fishing nets.  As The Royal Endeavor musicologists sang Praise chants for gifts of Earth and Sea, Captain Thomas moved his boat back into deeper waters.

And the Endeavor waited.



  1. What a wonderful reading experience! I love the depth of details. I know the author and yet am blown away by the imagination, width of knowledge of tribes, geography, and events woven into this creation. I only read non-fiction. I could not put this down or put off reading “just one more chapter.” Thank you.

  2. . do believe you are a clairvoyant and viewing the horrible likely possibilities. and always the questions look what the manifest destiny did to our earth .. oh yes we are in it now

    1. We as a global society, ruined two continents with our insistence on controlling our environment instead of the reverse. We have seen that Nature will return to her desired state. Our demand for oil has led to endless war and these types of climate change. If we could view that our planet cradles us, small chances exist that we might again live in harmony. If we don’t, we will we shaken off like flies off her back.

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