Without Wounds-Prologue


We as a global society, are and have been Stewards of our planet since our human times began. I wrote this short novel two years ago and published it on Kindle.  Many of you have  read it, but I offer it here again. The importance of this alternative historical fiction strikes me each day as I question how two centuries of ‘progress’ have led us to headlines of nuclear war, climate change, and ocean destruction. This is the story of how indigenous tribes lived on the continents we now call the americas.

Most of these tribes date back far beyond the 20,000 year mark and had very distinctive ways of caring for the Gifts of the Earth.

Please join me as I dreamt of  a world that might have been. I ask that none take offense to the cultures represented, but welcome your comments.

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  1. I quickly became engaged in this storyline. The lessons taught within the tale were those we all should learn. The respect shown to all living things by Yuta quickly became, to me, a lesson that all mankind should learn. Thanks for sharing the link with me… Truly enjoyed !! :)
    Debra Squyres

  2. Reblogged this on Levybrakes and commented:
    This is a very Intriguing informative and heart warming write. I was really engaged and force to take a personal look at how I treat the Earth, its creatures and other humans. I hope you will enjoy it as much as i have. I will be reblogging the book in its entirety one chaper per day

    *written by la fey wit and originally posted on https://lafeywit.wordpress.com/

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