winter gardening

In an angry burst

Last week

I ripped my summer veggies

And flowers

Up by their roots

With vengeance.

Raw and cold August

Blighted leaves

Molded fruit

Stunted size.


I gave up all hope

After a month of hail


I weary of the little deaths of August.


I mourned

Even as I brutally

Tossed them into  compost.


People laugh at me

When I replant my seeds

As leaves from the crabapple tree

Are already yellowing



Too, too soon.


I admit,

I look ridiculous

With my hoard of seed packets

Snow pea,

Lettuce, onion, spinach,

(and ick) collard.


What is death for one

Is life for another.


Tiny Lettuce and pea leaves

Greet me on a cool and foggy morning

Can I hear them?

“we promise

we promise, promise

to face frost and chill.”


I have to believe them.

They are winter’s hope

Shaped by an


Noble harvest moon.

winter garden


Even if i knew the world would end tomorrow, I would plant my apple tree today.~~~ Martin Luther



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