twins of Hope and Faith


The Twins played from Day 1
cart wheeling deep in inner caverns
slick and dangerous territory.
kicking four tiny feet against walls
holding them captive
dodging stalagmites and stalactites
leaping, hand                                       .to be
.in hand
10 maybe 20                                         . millimeters
marching double time
tumbling through channels
spelunking through dark and slippery tunnels.
they were lodged.
like pins in ribs
the pain of their

tiny 20 toenails                                  . to be
kicking, kicking                                   . to be

she clutched at them
every ion close
forcing them to cling to minuscule passageways.
slipping into unconsciousness
she begged for their atom sized lives.
.over her own.

she awoke without

their rhyming names swept from her

A scalpel’s line
with tiny black cross
along her hip.

where once for an hour
they played.






……in honor of Mercy Grace


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