Water, Wings, and Drought

For my 56th birthday

I learned to float
I’ve been practicing for
Six months.
Well more like 50 years
But the fear always
Capsized me
So using water wings
And a meditation coach
In the warm pool
At Star Athletic Club
 ‘let go, let go .’
she whispers with just
her fingertips
tapping my spine
I slowly began to
Lose that place
Where I ended
And the water began
An inventory of the angry
Muscles that waste energy
And i become the
Stuff of nothingness.
It’s thrilling to achieve
That which should be impossible.
Floating is like flying
With a safety net.
And I learned to float alone
The salty buoyant water
Swinging as one.
I allowed the water
To fill my ears
And erase time
Then the hot tub
It’s easy to lose myself in there
My toddler life jacket
Wrapped too tight around me
Now in my wide yard
Behind the six foot fortress
I sink into the safety
Of the pale green sea
Of a stock tank
Resting on a  mattress
of sun warmed top
Staring at sky
Or stars.
For my next trick
I’ll try a glass of water,
A tablespoon,
Maybe next year
A thimble


  1. the lines “I slowly began to Lose that place Where I ended And the water began” sum it up for everyone, all ages & probably animals as well, about being in the water. As I read this the years slip away to being a kid in a pool. What a great description!

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