ivy 1



the sun shines through the window


reminding me life is

not in vain.

I have grown

in places that provide

no nourishment for my soul.

I am an orphan and a parent with no child

still thriving in a place

of drought and famine

I squeeze through head locks

Of a swallowed key.

bending, not blending

de spite.

fears that  I may lose this light

clinging to the shelter of safety

perhaps I can find the courage

to be restored

to my more adventurous nature

reaching for sun

With my back to the brick
My face to illumination
I will myself

to lift my head
When I would rather fall to tile
lie limp on rock

I feel parts of me meant to die

I want to live

Breaking into freedom
I am a Berliner
The Wall stands while I crawl

I grace the walls of normalcy.


a collaborative piece from Writer’s Bloc contributors Halcyon Spinz, Kelley White, K Roane


  1. back up against the wall. support ahh can lean and replenish, refresh, rejuvenate. head up chest out onward ever forward. physical only..spirituality never ends

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