The Labyrinth


I made fun of it for years

A jumbled circle of mismatched rocks and stones

rambling in a deserted parking lot

Behind Pizza Hut and the lutheran church

There was even a bench there

To sit and stare at the stepping stone circles

Like watching  grass grow

Passing for entertainment

Waiting for rocks to move

It was me that needed to move

To follow the intricate design of

Passages and tracks

Deadends and restarts

Hidden in the wild pasture grasses and weeds

To the heartbeat center

And out

I laughed at it for years

Called it names

Wondered why it was hidden under

The pines at the old lutheran church

Called it witchcraft, voodoo and cultish

Foolish and illusion

Artifice and conjuring.

A giant pebble talisman

The ores grow smaller through decades

As prairie dust fills in spaces between

But I can still recognize them

River rolled sandstone, granite, limestone, marble, slate

Ancient corals, lava, basalt, agate, quartz

Dolomite, obsidian, alabaster

Placed, spaced.

Now the joke is a mystery that I stare at

From the marble bench.

I showed this inexplicable puzzle to many.

Only One saw and understood.

Apparently the only person

In this county that recognized

The simple spiral of stones

It’s my temple now

Made of ponderosa pines

And their 40 years of piled needles

Sometimes, I pick up a single cobble and study it.

It didn’t come from here

Someone took great effort and thought

To bring it here, place it

In its predestined design

Sometimes, I try to follow the old outline

And replace where the boulders have

Been intentionally or unintentionally disturbed.

A  shed disturbs some of the outline

And I can’t determine a fix for the ancient pattern

She would know.

But she, too, is now lost

In her own conglomerate maze

I wonder how many have sat in my


Cried my tears

Prayed my prayers

Wondered my questions

And left a fragment of

metamorphic stone behind


    1. beautiful Cheryl. the stones do not lie – truthful they are arranged and truthful they remain… recall that! thank you for sharing..

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