co writer. KenLevy

Cyber space is now

Big brother isn’t the only one watching
Everybody is watching . And nobody
Whatever goes out the fingersis reachable toanother

Ages back, we said,
‘You grabbed my words right out the air’
Does that mean we own them
Or own up to them?

Like a new manifest destiny
When compressed
Grasp for
climb into someone else’s legroom.

sell space as if we own the air
electronic signals orbit
Resembling galaxy constellations
like a bizarre overcrowded thrift store

a staggering, blinding sense
of cumulative humanity

ships to shores
deny someone else their terrain

ownership of every cyber word grabbed by
Robotic Wispy coils riding sky, land, sea
A clunky junkyard of thousand thousand gps satellites

Beaming us back and forth.

A giant wirey hand
Could crumple all the alloy bits
Into a single cube the size of
Our state
suddenly, precariously holds this entire earth population.


He types,
“I’m feeling a little crowded in here”

he snatched the words right out of my mouth


  1. partyline,,telephone operator,,,own your words folks… words go out on the wind like feathers… you can not get them back…. I always surmise are we in a place of overwhelming insecurities we have to be the first in line, the first the first… people.. ahh cyber whatever has always been

  2. intellectual property…ownership…
    what does it real

    ownership I




    …and the we

    die, owing only

    how it was we lived

    and no


    we owned.

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