box with wires

I seem to hunger for
the Impossible Situation.

thousand lifetimes spent
Laboriously educating
pulling the scraps of knowledge
from those who lingered.
pushing stone wheels.

A daily grind of waking
to turbulent, pugilistic, bellicose.

Of disinterested persons.

Skirmishes against statutes, decrees, dictators

those who could not.
would not. love me

Pursuit of the impossible
my Motto

I seemed to starve for it.

Now with all the possibilities

I seek battles.

In angry birds, spider solitaire , mahjong
Chess, scrabble, call of Atlantis
Gambles against computers
Wired to win.
I agonize over the possibility
Of two moves.
Always it seems I choose

i play until my neck freezes
my funny bone aches
and my eyes cross.

it’s me. still fighting.
against the odds.


  1. I immediately thought of the huge wind turbines on the windy ridge near Peetz, Colorado and you charging them on a fierce steed; jousting weapon at the ready. With them, you can win when the wind stops–but it doesn’t there. Wonderful writing!

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