tibia. fibula. talus.

talus, tibia, fibula

she recites the names slowly in her mind
to reduce her rising panic
stares, glassy eyed at the beauty around her.

places called Snowbird, Sundance
Powder Mountain, Eagle Point.


Seconds have passed into eons
as she lies in agony
She knows the exact second that
snow spilled into her mouth as ice crystals
And the spiral turn that
Shattered her.

She feels shock move across her quickly
at 10,000 feet on Hidden Peak.

highly desirable
Silence and seclusion

Now give rise to sheer terror.

She thinks of all the things
She has yet to do at the bottom
Of the mountain
and of the people waiting for her descent.
she lists in scrambled snow ledgers

she recites all the names of the bones
As best she can remember them
She knows them well
For she has been pinned and steel plated before
her marrow knows she will again.

None helps the rising
As she piles snow around the break

She knows
Time as an odd perception.

A graceful swoop down a powdered ski slope
probably takes the same amount of time
As ski patrols and stretchers and ambulances

She lies on tundra
She knows waiting is her future

an eon of seconds.


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