I stand with my refrigerator.

 and freezer doors open

Staring at the contents

wasting cooled air into the kitchen.

I have already been through the cupboards.

Oh, there’s plenty of brightly packaged

Plasticized stuff in there


But I can’t eat any of it.


I am not fooling myself.

It’s more like won’t.


The condenser kicks on

While the new refrigerator door

Makes a clunky, squeaky sound as it closes.


Tough choice between

Pureed mango baby food

Almond milk and rice chex

Rice cake and sunflower butter


Sounds kinda exotic

If you’ve never been there.


So I sit in the sun

On my yoga mat

Wasting time.

Grateful for a few bites

That aren’t  jammed

With gluten and its secret spy names

Malt. Matzo.Carmel. Dextrin. Shoyu. Surimi.



I swing the garage doors wide open

Chinook winds sift through

And just a few hundred miles

Of paved roads strain and separate

You and me.

I stare at the dust settling on my

Sky blue Toyota. Waiting…

just a few miles on the speedometer.


I stare at Googlearth.

At places named

Poncha Springs. Foxfield. Redcliff.Dinosaur.Hallelujah Junction.

Bluearth.Blueye.Valentine.Bugtussle.Sandraw. Needmore.Nameless.

sounds kinda exotic if you have never been there 

I’m not fooling anyone.

I can’t go.

Or maybe more like won’t.


As I stand by the refrigerator,

The garage door makes its

Clunky squeaking closing sound.

Wasted a wish.


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