rooms in two colors

All around me
my walls
Whisper to you

The very colours of your skin
Coffee with cream.

I painted them
My solitary walls
A year ago

Not knowing
They were the foreshadowing
Of your faces

As I chose the
Sad sandy
Chaco Canyon
Ruin color.

It soothed me
To have ruins
All about
A broken me.

I didn’t know I was calling
Summoning all of
you from our long ago past.

The chambers echo in our hearts

Always provides the
Perfect mixture of warmth

Never knowing
Always hoping
That we had met in the past

The calming hues
Again. Again.

The tones of chalk
Blend with
Talc of the potter’s honeycomb

Covering to protect aimless souls
Calling. All the while.
Longing to meet you in our far distant future.

Coffee with crème
of dawn
And dusk
The colours of beginnings


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