Cowriters Kat Karnes and Ken Levy

Our sorrow song
slides from minutes into decades
not enough tears can wash away
that trite adage
‘Time heals all wounds.’
you are as near now as then
I can touch your cheek
wipe the salt away
and say the meaningless
simple words
I meant to say
But I cannot take this pain away
Your reflection sweeps past behind me
I feel your breath
Come closer
I deny your death
My soul is a deep empty place
Your grasp has no release
a familiar aching hole
where words fail to express
only tears cleanse a slow soul

I stare at faces in public places
I close my eyes tight
And I see you
And I see you
Time slows and I quicken my pace.
I turn to watch the years flash by
And your shadow disappears

our past path outlined in faint traces
Fate fools me
I can no longer find reality or truth

I hear your voice, a loop, an old recording
I collapse against a stone pillar
I don’t care who sees me suffering there
A homeless child
Shaking fists at fated, faithless sky
It’s all the cry I have left in me

This is the last place
The last place I saw you touch
If I hold your fingerprints long enough
I can hope you back
Through the ethereal
Long enough to take all of you away

You are the murky clouds
That roil in the northeast
An imminent storm that
Never really strikes
I know you watch
From Nimbus
Each and every time
Before I drink of morning’s first cup.

Break through that veil of time


A stranger’s wink, shove, nod.
I walk alone with you.
Cowritten poems are constructed through three of us contributing a line or phrase through a Facebook chat. One person deleivers a line (while the others sniffle a bit)


    1. thank you for your comment. for those in pain to finally put their tears in print, is a great release. It is an honor to have such a writer as you walk among us

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