The Digital Virus

From Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O’Donohue

Traditionally, a journey was a rhythm of three forces: time, self, and space.
Now the digital virus has truncated time and space.
Marooned on each instant, we have forfeited the practice of patience.
The self has become anxious for what the next instant might bring.
The digital desire for the single instant schools the mind in false priority.
There is no sense of natural sequence where an image is allowed to emerge from its background and context when the time is right.
There is such a constant whirr of movement that you never know where you are.
The mechanics of electronic imaging reverses the incarnation of a real encounter.
Consequently, you become ever more absent from your life and this fosters emptiness that haunts the heart.


    1. so far, from the three chapters I am drinking in, This one makes so much sense. This is the first book i have ever had that I can’t “read”. Every morsel has to be chewed.

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