SpaceFace Rorschach Test

there’s a new book

of a billion pages
a billion faces
more than you could ever find library-wise
more faces than you could see in a lifetime
composed of air
looks so real

passes for entertainment and engagement
without rules
words written
seem true and genuine
like the leaves of books by the same name

though all zeros and ones,
it is a Place of meetings and events
birthday wishes without cards
travels without motion
farewells without waves
Where we read more into the inkblots
Like the test of the same name

Love feels just like love within The Book
Friends seem just like actual people
for they yak, gab, laugh, lie
((hug)) and hope

Every day I wondered
How much can air hold?

it appears just like regular dialogue
without the paper just
Lines and lines and lines of
Talking, Teasing, Tormenting,
Rumors spread, gossip fired

Distance is easy in virtual space as vast as


We are never enough
Within the pages of the New Book
Communication is choppy and misleading

It’s too hard to read meanings.

it would be easier if we could see into each other’s eyes
Between misspelled blurted single catchphrases

n codes
LOL, ROFL, gr8, u2, brb, Ty, ttl, OMG

where one can be befriended

and defriended
swiftly with a tap
of key

there are no genuine punches or hits
shouted words or angry looks
so it shouldn’t really hurt
when someone


but nearly always
almost always
even though the odds
a billion to 1

This air sends out arrows

And they hurt
Or seem to hurt
Just as if the pages
Just as if the faces
Just as if the words


The Old Books,
the ones with paragraphs and bindings
bring their sagacious, long- held adages.

‘Little Ones, these lines,
these dots on a flashing screen
Are far less real
Than the hundred fallen red leaves
Scurried by the autumn wind
where the air can hold them by the billions’

I turn to the clouds
And there I find myself and my old shadow


    1. always a written line or two porfavor… albeit the multitude of thought energies reaching us on any given me an earache. love sagacious..perceptive yes you are. spending my afternoon picking up the neighbor’s recycled boxes, while they watched from their window. in the cul du sac lazle, lost what gives people? i was deleted, from their list? anyhoo, peace always out there cuz of a different name

  1. I prefer seeing the person, second choice is a written message which can be reread, as far as personal contact the only advantage to me is that some who would never send a postal message are more likely to send electronically. There is a great deal of potential trouble, hurt, confusion, and worse via this powerful mode of communication. This comment is not worthy of your elegant poem but it is well meant.

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