when we become furniture

i guess i hope we
all start as a loveseat
a don’t-put-your-feet-on –me settee
a ‘don’t dream of having the dog sit up here’ lounger

we are the Center of

  • .a Living Room
    til styles change
    paisley goes to plaid
    Replaces real leather

    suddenly the love

  • .seat becomes
    A pull out sofa in the den
    A chaise on the porch

    Something distant
    Off in the corner

    Only until absolutely needed

    abruptly finding ourselves out behind the garage for
    the cats to sleep on


    we are a Contraction.

    You say davenport
    I say divan


    1. Family member just traded the old family sofa for new–the old had supported many rears, cuddled many nappers and listened to cooing mom’s & grandmas holding babies. It was fully spent, springs sprung. Farewell to the well-known pattern.

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