Coriander seed

He tries to empathize

‘If I could, I would erase all

The sadness and angst

Of your life”

for He knows of every false step

Failure and Fall from Grace

If I could,

I wouldn’t.

For each and every

Brought to me strength and wisdom

In its transition. 

In the mix, I blend


I analogize,

‘So coriander is to spice

 it’s what tuna is to fish’

 The nameless


fragrance suffuses all.

 the failed

poorly planned

The-store- is-closed

late invitation

the invented


Despite the sharp edge.

an angry wedge ‘tween me

And the tight rope I walk.

I daren’t  look back much

Nor forward either.

I reach into the cupboard

For the dusky, dusty vessel.


…with coaching from aj


  1. My strongest hope for you is that all that has gone before and is to come is a closely monitored and guided recipe from the Master Chef created to be the best for you. On lighter note, just the smell of spices evokes (usually) good memories. Wishing you the best.

  2. coriander and all spices o’life. where we are, where weve been, is august the month of angst?. a horseperson friend of mine – was backtracking! I say to him and you .”only now. all takes us to where we are supposed to be.”

    1. You need to publish All The Wise Sayings on your blog. I know fully this one…all takes us to now….but knowing and accepting. Two places still separated.

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