Ode to Cardboard

I have plenty of time to think
On these hot windy days
As trash blows from south to north
Rather than north to south

And I wonder at
items that come from
Super Mart
wrapped in plastic and in cardboard.
As the refuse rolls onward
Wyoming and Nebraska bound
Where it will become
Plasticine soil

I find it all a bit odd
Of all the peculiarities
Ice cream, raisins, flour, sugar, cereal, orange juice,
baking soda, spices, fish sticks
All come packaged in cardboard.
Seems these could use a little more protection…..

And in plastic?
Everything else
and requiring a hermetically sealed hacksaw to open it…..
Notebook paper, nail polish, hair scrunchies
Pens, pencils,
Hammers, pliers, wrenches,
Steel nails, bolts, screws,
Aluminum cans of pop,
Plastic measuring cups,
AA Batteries,
Swim suits, flip flops, water toys,
(they do know that these are going to get wet, right?)

And shrink wrapped plastic
Around plastic water bottles
And bubble wrap packaging.

In my mind,
I see cows in Nebraska
Slowly munching plastic hay.

.feel free to add your favorite packaging complaint below


  1. the plastic sacks to carry the products contained in plastic wrap, boxes, jugs, jars, etc. These can be seen stuck on barbed wire fence and sagebrush; waving in the wind touting the company name. I do note that some mulch contains styrofoam–recycled?

    1. As one will learn in high school chemistry, plastic and its relatives… foam, rayon, resin etc. are inorganic. No matter what you read, these items will only break apart into pieces. It never, never, never, never never returns into the soil as tin or paper does. Not even burning will eliminate plastics. The particles remain in the air, forever. Reusing pastic fills our bodies with chemicals. We have given our children plastic bags and bottles for perpetuity. One use, lasting for eternity.

    1. Think about just 50 years ago before the plastic explosion. We drank milk from returnable bottles. Water from thermos. Before the Plastic People, food was dried and kept in cloth pouches, liquids in a wine skin holder. Note that these were slender generations. Food controlled by set portions. So little went into landfills that would not decompose. We have created a toxin that hurts everyone. Those poverty stricken, isolated People who use no plastic will be here still when the last plastic bottle of water, the last package of foam wrapped meat are gone.

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