Cloze Test


I have sought
From broken loves 
As if it t’were
One of the lesser gods
Long eluding me.
Searching, as you say, 
For neat wrappings, ribbons, and thus.

Some came with sand and time
Fresh from broken

As I stood on
Grassy knoll
To cold granite.

One or two
Golden transformations
Than the 
Originals loves could have been.

These, alas, be
A bit Gestalt.

a mere play on 
A filling in of blanks.


  1. your interplay, and mingling is grand fun. and yes always the cloze test. they stopped liking me… as they couldnt ride the ride! dukes response…., just cross your paws!

    1. This failure to adhere to the rules of the Cloze Test is most clearly exemplified by your sun! He keeps us in constant state of hilarity. It’s a genetic disorder.

  2. I did not make up a word. Here is an example of a Cloze Test.

    A language teacher may give the following passage to students:
    “ Today, I went to the ________ and bought some milk and eggs. I knew it was going to rain, but I forgot to take my ________, and ended up getting wet on the way ________.

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