mirror, mirror

Many of you pondered the posts from yesterday, brief insights into a nation in turmoil. Visible in these glimpses of rural Morgan County. I thank you for your indulgence.
As two mirrors across a room, these pictures allow us to view our situations reflected dozens of times through an age of farming, now an occupation at great risk. Similar to the sensation many may have felt in the 1930 dust bowl era.

prosperity in another age

Have you ever felt this empty?

Lost Vision

where did that river go???

an odd mix of flood in a time of famine

View 20 feet into the shell of an ancient cottonwood tree, hit by lightning and the inside burned out. The tree survived and is still fully alive. So shall we.

This border collie keeps a close eye on his family as they search for crawdads and mussels. For Dinner? I didn’t want to ask.

Very small clam shell, an invasive mussel species, possibly edible.

Mirror of the times. Ruins of a shanty. With an intact mirror visible at the center base of the photo.


  1. been vacant 2. but a strength in drought, the stripping away of also the negative which surrounds us all. a new growth emerges. you have an eye – showing a picture of truth. not photoshopped!

  2. These were once ivory palaces too. The only difference has been time. The pattern of drought and poverty, dust and flood repeated again. and again.

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