hollows in a land of plenty

Empty irrigation canal normally 20 feet deepyou might wonder how people are faring in the midwest. Here is a photo essay of the people and the land around Weldona Colorado. My thanks to Crystal and her family. Click on a picture to make it full size on your screen.
The reservoirs and irrigation canals are dry. The corn shown is about 5 inches tall. I found people who wanted to hope in the face of hopelessness.
packed up and moved on

trouble in our fields


  1. Moving photos. Just learned that the demand on one of the N.E. Colorado reservoirs has created fish salvage situation; the demand for water is draining the res. and the fish will die w/o.

  2. Cheryl, this was so moving to see the devastation of the drought. We live in such a sheltered community and can use all the water we want (or can pay for) and it breaks my heart to see the pictures. Thanks. JW

  3. I’ve wondered this myself, Kar, why is a vast amount of farmland and non renewable water turned into sugars rather than say a healthy variety of grains such as millet. Or perhaps a truly desert worthy crop that is earth friendly and immediately edible such as sunflowers. We have not listened to the lessons previously offered by the earth, perhaps we will listen now. Thank you, as always for your comments.

  4. your pictures showing the truth – without the jadedness of the news. bless all of us. perchance america will have to wean itself off of corn syrup in all our processed foods? good pictures anyways

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