la nina salvaje

this self absorbed angry child
screams for her lost brother
throws tantrums
pulls the dry south winds.
she drinks from air
bakes dirt pies in her colossal oven
stomps on rivers like ant piles
tosses the earth into dusty twisters
Scorches us ants
She does.

we bemoan
we wail
as huts of straw and sticks fall
She screeches through the wires
ghostly howls through remaining trees
She sets her glowing eyes on them
she licks her drying lips.
She puffs smoke from
Her clove cigarettes.
she hisses,
‘fly, my Little Ones, Fly’
and tosses lightning ends
to ripe, red needles


  1. I believe your writing shamed her into “allowing” the beautiful rain in this area this evening. We could smell her smoke with the first moments of the rain, then just rain and all the smells that go with it. Your writings trump a rain dance.

    1. I can’t figure out why our weather is always from the south or east these days, never from the west. Could we have changed weather patterns through climate change?

    1. UWado! que corren por el fumar y el fuego de …….Ga’ta.

      Don’t think I got the verb tense correctemundo, should be future progressive I think. This is my best fake Spanish with real Cherokee words tossed in

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