to scale

The Aspen is a fine
Bit of tree
Particularly the
Populus tremuloides

The Quaking Aspen
Truly a plant meant
For only a single climate
Zone and soil
Along high mountain
Next to its acid producing
Symbiotic counterpart
blue spruce.

Oh, it chokes its way
here on the plains.
Surviving a decade or so.

Most times
Its bright white bark
With the disease of
parasitic scale.

Lonely without the
Spruce and pine
To hold its roots
In the mucky clay
Or sweeping sands,
A single
Fells it
Likely on house
Or expensive car.

So it’s said
Does a tree falling
In abandoned woods
Make a sound?
They weep
And weep long.


  1. yes aspens send out their runner roots to start anew. but ahh the red forested pine beetle kill in yonder montanos.

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