the maker

as she dangled
her legs from
the padded stool
she told me
she found god
i personally hadn’t known
He’d gone, so much
as forgotten.
had she felt The Rescuer?
leading him back
past milk cartons
or pictured posters
on phone poles,
“have you seen My Son?”

perhaps it’s so long
between miracles
none could recognize

i wondered how she knew for sure.
“oh, he’s left his brand, his mark.
and it was something in the eyes,
just something about the eyes.”
she oft repeated.

i had a rebuttal fully planned.

she slipped a little lower
as she sipped the last
off the ice of
her half glass of
Maker’s Mark.


  1. umm. yes. reality …. and perhaps the loquacious liquid brings out the verbage she was feared to speak without!. clever writing

  2. Oooooohhhh, this is soooo good, so clever, so all about SEEING. The metaphors, double entendres here are manifique! The desire to seek, to find, looking in all the wrong places. WELL DONE. Seriously. mcb

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