Miles of Sky

no pictures please

Charlie on the runway

Too shy
To pose this cloudy day
Miles, the cat,
Still sleeps
In his loft
Inside the garage.
Outdoor cage
Just a foot or two away
Space for him
To roam
Without annoying the neighbors
And the migrating
Song birds.

He has fallen in love
With his kennel.
Used since he was a kitten.
A place where he
Seeks refuge
And solitude.
For years,
His cage included
A tightly wired top
Coyotes out. Cats in.

So sure is he
That the top
Still exists
That he no longer even attempts
To leap out.
or checks to see if the cage is complete.
Content, he is, with this view
Of the sky.
Like stories of elephants
Trained in chains
But held by strings.
He’s contentedly missing
So much,
Lawn. Tree. Sky. Sea.
Locked into his image
Of himself
In chainlink.

Miles mirrors me.


    1. It feels pretty secure from in here. But Miles still caught a bird inside the loft of the garage. Guess we can catch what we want wherever we are.

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