fencing in peace

peace roses

Twas a mild ride
With mostly 100 mph winds
Of which to whine about.
But a casualty
Of dry, hot winter winds
Tipped the stalwart
Around my backyard
A refuge, courtyard
I’m used to things being broken here
Decided to build an even taller
With an imposing gate
To keep me in
Or them out.
Perhaps it will quiet the dogs.
Keep the kids from climbing the pickets.
The neighbors are phoning
Each other, I can hear them over the
Grind of concrete mixers.
I see them
Standing in their driveways.
(I know they make fun of my air brained schemes anyway)
as my unsuspecting accomplices
fill holes with cement
and the big shocker: steel poles.
To hold up the wooden planks.
It looks rather somber.
Like it might withstand a few winters
Snow, wind, drought, tornados.
But the last flurry of the season:
A day long shower of elm tree seeds
In 100 degree heat on April 23
Invading every bit of my privacy.

defense, offence or nay.
I will spend hours on my knees
Pulling the billion seedlings
From every new wall corner.

It’s my fence penance
And neighborhood vengeance
My wooden wail.

aw fence


    1. Mainly the one I’ve got going on inside my head. Ya know what’s really odd is that these alley dogs that bark at me the instant I step onto the porch are silent today. Despite the drilling, pounding, yelling and general construction antics.

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