Trials of Jesse West Peg and Meg

That gentle way

Meg with a black olive cake

Peggy was from a family farm nestled in a nearby town. She was more at home than the rest of us, as her farm was just a few short miles away. We all descended on the family farm one weekend and all of us felt the tug of a close working family in farm country. Most of us were reluctant, even then, to pull too far from that entrenched lifestyle. College seemed to flow for Peggy, she laughed instantly is consistently energetic and generous. She hasn’t changed so much over 30 years.
She married one of our fellow classmates and they have taught in rural private schools near her hometown. Ones with simple names that would make one smile. She has two beautiful daughters.
A Master’s Degree moved her technology skills up a notch to a spot as a Media/Technology Specialist, which makes her very much a part of this decade. It also makes her (along with Kay who also stares at a computer all day) resistive to email and social networking while away from work.
Peggy’s life mirrors Jan’s in that she lost her brother also about the same year as Jan. It is a cruel feeling to lose a sibling in what we consider our youth and outside our reasoning. But we believe in a higher plan, even when the pain of it is beyond bearing.

Meg’s light shown through us with a brilliancy that kept us from seeing into her past or future. She wandered after college enduring numerous moves and jobs. It was practice for the tests she would endure later. Family first, Meg lives far from us, but near her home town in The Land Of Popeye The Sailor, for she needs his mentoring, Meg offers us hints of her outstanding life as a parent, practice also gained from loving animals.
Meg’s first two children are beautiful, powerful athletes. But one came at the risk of a life and death struggle. And Life won. Just to make sure she never lacked for family God gave her handsome blonde, tall twin boys for her 40th birthday. Twins are a quite the commonality among the six.

She lives a life of passionate panic on a small family farm packed with dogs, horses, donkeys: all the creatures she brought to our dorm room. Now legally housed in the old family barn.
She, too, has taught for many years, and she, too, brings more than just words to her children and their children. She brings that same blinding brilliance into her classrooms along with the same creatures found in the manger.
All that’s missing so far are the fish.
She says she is gray now from her labors of love.
I say, grey is beautiful, sweet colors of the prism we have created.


    1. Ah, now u n Meg would have a whole lot to discuss while u were borrowing produce from neighbors. Peg n kat, would make a bit of tea and chat about pranks and Miss Behavins.

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