Trials of Jesse West- Cheryl The First

Always in a bit of trouble

Like Cherylfaye, Cheryl Ann came from a large family of 6 kids. All girls in her group, though, she being the youngest with a gap of 20 years between her oldest sisters. We fancied ourselves a twin set at school. Our birthdays a mere day or two apart in the fireworks of July. Like twins, both responding when our names were called and finishing each other’s thoughts.
Having suffered her trials early, she has relaxed and found a type of chaotic peace. Cheryl Ann enjoyed her years at school, but was much more of a doer than a sitter and did not predict a teaching career would be satisfying for her. Aw, she missed me when I left school so abruptly and was lost without her rhyming partner. She returned to her home roots in a town near Concordia and like Kay has stayed settled in her small town.
She searched for a niche after leaving school, restless in her career. But like a few others, married and found the perfect job just about the same time. She works in a place where she could run around like crazy and boss men around constantly. She does all of the office work: delivery tickets, blend sheets for custom application, payables, receivables, invoicing, payroll, and plenty of etc.
Cheryl Ann views herself, as the family coordinator, even though she is the youngest of the group. She makes sure that this growing group gathers together a few times a year. She is fairly certain that her nieces and nephews groan when they see emails about plans for dinners and other events.
Fifteen years ago, she married the boy next door, or at least across the street. Never what one might call shy, she would be the one to propose. Apparently he promptly traded his motorcycle for a riding lawn mower.
The summer the Cheryls lived together in Fort Collins, Colorado gave her the camping bug. A weekend spent camping is still her idea of a fine dining and hotel experience. Anywhere there is a little lake, plenty of trees, a great place for a camp fire, just the place to be feel free. Recently, we had to pry at our memories to recall the words and melody to our old mantra: Would it were Dawn. Despite the four strings on her six string guitar. She as at the ready.
We had a fine group of non Concordia friends from Lincoln, NE. Half my cousins and the other half renegade volunteer firefighters. Apparently our firefighters made a strong impression as Cheryl Ann’s husband is a volunteer firefighter and she a member of the firefighter’s auxiliary.
Her pride remains her strong creative skills and indomitable spirit. Each year she serves her community as an actor and a director for a raucous local theater production. But I think we knew that on the fire escape steps back at Jesse Hall.
check out her great accomplishments and acting crew at

This doesn’t belong here, but in Kay’s story, but it was so cute I had to include it. Awww. We are but one story, woven and rewoven.

Kay and her husband ride away into the Iowa sunset.


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