Jesse West 7 The Dawn and the Hour

The last in my series of my years at Concordia College. The photos are not digital quality but I believe this makes them all the more poignant. These are evidence that I am not as a severe a liar as one might think.

The Girls of Jesse West

I am not in this picture. Jan is on guitar. I don’t know why the girls are all looking away from the camera and laughing. This is an example of poet’s license aka lying.

NOT CFW in curlers

This was our sophomore year when the two Cheryls roomed together. One can only imagine the destruction. This picture brings new meaning to the phrase-make your bed. For some reason, we thought we would upend the trundle style beds and put our mattresses on the floor. CAnn? Say something……

Meg preparing for a leap

Meg prepares to test gravity again. She IS wearing some sort of protective head gear.

Lamb in Dorm

Yes, that is a lamb with a certain animal lover. Or a very small freshman.

Cat in Jesse Hall

Yes, the cat that swam with the fish.

Peggy ready to run into wall again

Peg is suitably outfitted in appropriate attire for dashing into the wall and nearby emergency room. Might need to revisit the shoes, though.

Jan on guitar

Jan on guitar by the campfire glow

Music and Voice Class

Professor Emeritus Germanus sings “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”


    1. I don’t see a hairnet. Nobody wore hairnets in that era. You must be thinking of Ruth Buzzi.
      Ps I thunk there were some extras in the trundle bed shelves.

  1. C Faye – if i remember correctly it was YOUR idea to upend the bed frames – it was quite a unique spectacle and i am sure it served some grand purpose which I cannot recall at this time. Although I will say that more and more memories are flooding into this cluttered brain as I read your blog. Such good memories – even the sad memories have a special spot in our hearts. More another day. You are loved…….CAnn

    1. What.? Me? I would never stomp upon the established rules and procedures in place……Those things were HUGE like a couch. Or a davenport. The logic defies me, but the picture…..Priceless.

  2. .From a very wise leader of ours at CTC.
    I always thought the girl’s dorms were the center of creativity here at Concordia. You just can’t expect constant prudence from those just off the farm!

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