myth of legends

no more knights of
Shined armor ride in on
White horses
steeds are all out
to pasture near
Sleeping Beauty’s meadow
No more rescues
From tangled tall towers
all the elevators are stuck
on the first floor
no more damsels of distress
so beauticians keep
Rapunzel’s hair
Shoulder length and auburn
Aesop is lost in his own
Enchanted forest.
We are left to resolve our
Lost loves
shimmering gowns
Pumpkin chariots
jeweled lost slippers
On our own
At the twinkling gravestones
Of the forgotten fairy godmothers


  1. Upon faery wings and fireflies we did glide. Now with dragon bones we cast our lot while in clandestine shadows the gargoyles hide. But we survive. The candlestick of justice is corrupt and the saving grace of chivalry has fled. Mercy fails and grace weeps and charity is almost dead. But we survive.

    ” What do we say unto the god of Death?
    Not today……..not today.”
    —The Sword of the Bravosi…..

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