It’s the perfect day for writing

Our standard Colorado blizzard

Winding down

Outside the below zero window

Circled in ice and frost,

Two flickers

Brave the sharp wind

On the old cottonwood tree

Searching for that I cannot see

Happy to find

What they can

out of dead limbs

I am too lazy to join them

In the search for beauty,

In a blizzard,


Hiding under the cover of duvet

Dreading the icy hardwood floor

Under my feet.

So today’s poem goes


With my apologies


  1. Excellent food for thought. And I wear two pairs of itchy wool socks every day, if I can manage to sneak out of bed without landing on the floor to get them.
    Poor Flickers could use some woolens!

  2. hey cuz - the flicker in the woodpecker family.... ahh. per Cherokee, Mr. Wadley...the woodpecker always finds food! food for nourishment. food for thought. stay warm... wool socks

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