did you see what I saw?

While computers buzzed,
carols hummed in the shockingly
brisk air.
twitters bickered, tweets zapping through
the midnight.

I ignored all the electronic peeps
(A little miracle of its own).
For within a perfect
December Dark,
In the east
a star went super nova

I lay on
Winter’s crisp
Solstice plain
Clumsily watching
Venus and
Saturn’s rings
Through third rate binoculars
Marveling at
That which
We call shooting stars.
As my eyelashes slowly froze
I wondered why
They say
Miracles happen only
Every few thousand years
Or so.


  1. I often enjoy the same type of a miracle. In fact it is a little scary to realize that the heavens stay out there and have done so doe a long time, but may not always do so.

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