Though in silent mode
His phone rings
Through the night.
It’s her calling
And calling.

Tired past tears
Voice lost to laughter.
buried in hurt and fear.
paralyzed by panic.

In her sleep.
she remembers their roads
And their stories.
How the sky beckons to both
But to her without the
Benefit of steel wings.
she doesn’t need the electronics either.
To call
And call.
she redials in her synapse
and hears his deep voice

on autumn grass.
snow is starting,
jets fly caught
in clouds.
she sends her messages.
As they slink overhead.
dit dit dah
dah dah

Don’t wake.
It’s just her.
A dream.

his ears are ringing.
It’s the silence.

It’s her silence calling.


  1. That was my thought, loss of memory. I am dealing with a parent who has memory issues. I cant immagine either loss would be any fun.

    1. It’s extremely interesting that two of you might interpret in this way. When I read it again it the light of your viewpoints, it makes even more sense than my original concept.
      *she bows low to the screen*
      thanks to both of you.

  2. Author’s note
    I always learn something valuable from my readers. One of you commented that this reminded her of a couple separated not by space, but by loss of memory. My thanks to her and all of you.

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