Split or joined?
only at a distance standing straight
could one see
a summit of spiraling and sparring
of blistered phantoms.

Is it anguish, ache, or agony?
I erred where I should have anticipated.
twirling turrets as mottled mirrors.
snaked tightly round and round .
woven bright with blighted scars.
a constant blistered shadow.
twisted where I should have angled.
cankers along forked spines.
strangled apparitions tangled.
limbs linked.

Is it safety, shelter, or sanctuary?
Sun blockade?
Coiled where I curved.
staunch companion?
Backbone in tempests?

we meander, hedging and hindering.
separating and entwining.
these contorted selves .
Doppleganger squeezing the very air.
pinnacles of barrier and consequence.
Neither with legroom to let fly these kiteleaves
Reaching for a sky already owned.
Two where one should be?
One where two must be.


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