no 2

Already I feel the madness

In this two, too place I live.

Two seasons in one day.

Two temperatures in one day.

80 degrees and 20 degrees.

Too little time betwixt.

Two blizzards.

Two walks along snow caked fields

Where I wear everything already in twos

Two  too itchy wool hats, two scarves

Two pairs wool socks and alpaca pants

From the too willing farm and ranch store

Two shirts, vests, coats, gloves

Already useless in the multi- directional

Ever changing sharp and penetrating winds


Charlie, too, shivering despite his two

Snow n ice covered coats

One tan.

One blue with a less than amusing

Bright red fire hydrant stencil on his icy back

So I can spot him in the blinding sleet


Two trees dead in my backyard

Killed because global warming

Warned them too late to drop their leaves


Already the madness is slipping in

The date, too soon,

Nov 2.

Winter two months away.

In this too, too confusing land

Where I live.

Just me.

The one.

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