a clutch

our places of comfort
Nests, Knots, Gaggles, and Congregations.

how are we, then, paired?
like birds?
a Mumuration of starlings
sweeping past
a Sedge of cranes and herons
toward a Dule of doves?

we cry out for our names.
bonded and blended.
with another half of our true selves.

at a Pace of donkeys
by a Tower of giraffes.

is this wholeness lurking
in a Bask of crocodiles?
in a Bevy of swans?

we seek the last place
we saw one of our kind.

he has searched, he said.
in his own soul.
in temples
 a Parliament of owls
in a Charm of magpies
  a Building of rooks
a Wake of buzzards gawk.

but, yet, he’s certain among an
Unkindness of ravens,
Wisp of snipes,
under nightingales’ Watch.
he is nearer to finding her.

the Business of ferrets
is claustrophobic.
he gasps for air
in a Shiver of sharks.
in a Smack of jellyfish.

he waits.
among Flocks, Mobs and Colonies
Hordes, Hives, Armies and Convocations.



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