losing it

We may have lost it.
Our ability to tell stories
communicating with each other
face to face across the dining table
answering with questioning expressions

Swarmed by Your Space and That Face
Texting and Twittering
And no longer hearing.

In the car
we once played count the cows
Now parents lose valuable travel time while
they regale against the world
screeching dangerously into cells
children witnessing, remembering, repeating.

now rigged for silent running.
beat box rhythms
through giant metal speakers
decibels arrive miles before occupants.

talented stage performers sing through
solid reverb of fan screams and hoots.

cell phones ring during choirs and homilies.
we answer in crowded lorry and bus.

text messages and forwards in all caps
red, 36 font.
demanding, spouting, insisting.
who listens in all this?
who can hear through all this?
Have we lost our reception and our voices?
the capacity to accept another
and communicate among all the voltage?

we’ve become a constant electronic shout


  1. Really enjoyed this one…well, maybe ‘enjoyed’ is not the best word here…because this is really SAD. In the name of advancement, we have lost a true art and what I think is a much better way of being. Thank goodness there are people like you and Roger that recognize the crime here and maybe influence some others (like me) to take stock and make a choice NOT to go that path. Thanks

  2. This is so true, C. We do not communicate with each other as we used to except when our group of ladies is quilting and we talk all the time, over the hum of the sewing machines. We have cake and ice cream and then go home with full tummies. We still manage to get some quilts sewn. Mom

  3. photo credit to some wit shows Andrea and Ally way out West.

    I’m not sure how it happened but all that technology Can easily isolate us from the person next to us.

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