One is never less alone then when one is alone

taken from Leonard Bernstein, Reflections
When one is a public person, one is extroversive, gregarious.
One is constantly in company, dealing with colleagues, associates and managers.

When one is in the private, composing life, one is alone but there is something about that kind of loneliness that is not lonely at all and that is much more gregarious than that public life.
It works in just the opposite way and the reason is that if one is a thinking person as opposed to a performing person or a non-thinking person, one is in the company of those thoughts constantly.

One is never so active as when one is doing nothing. One is never less alone, then when one is alone. When one is alone, that is when all one’s thoughts, feelings, whatever is kept down in one’s societal life and activity rise to the surface. And one is besieged.
You are never alone, in fact, you are much more alone among people.
A reasonable thinker and creative artist is much more active by himself than he is in action.


  1. Now I can refer to this text instead of saying that I’m a fake extrovert — LOL! Alone IS the least alone for me… except maybe when there’s a hurricane. Thanks much for sharing this. ***mcb***

  2. When I worked, I thought I was outgoing, because I was forced to be. Now I realize how I want to be quiet, think my own thoughts. And write them down for all of you.

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