what are God’s eyes like?

Do they rim with laughter when we run from rain?
Do His eyes narrow when we withhold charity?
Does He smile, eyes self-assured, at our struggles?
Does a tear sink across a crimson cheek when we fall?
Do His eyes widen as we suffer and weep?
Do they follow His open Hands
As He lifts one of us up to Him?

Can He see bombs exploding, whales dying?
Do His lids close a moment as we destroy sacred Earth?
Do His brows fold when we fight one against each other
Because His name is different on one patch of soil?

I search but
I cannot see.

One comment

  1. I never thought about this. I’ve heard God grieves with us… but never thought about His expressions. Provocative! Another awesome poem, demonstrating YOUR ability to “see”… mcb

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