hospital slumber

guest writer Callie Jo

What excitement for 4 girls
a summer slumber party
with a crazy plan of fun

first we were wild for hours at
the Bananas Amusement Park with
A full night ahead
watching movies into midnight….

but then the night took a terrible twist.
I tumbled out of bed onto the floor.
instantly I knew something was very wrong with my arm.

I got up and showed the girls my arm
and they screamed, loud.
this is not a good sign when your friends scream at your injuries.
it made me more scared.
my friend’s dad thought we were screaming at her little brother peeking through the door.

when he saw my twisted arm
he put my arm on a pillow and
he tried to tie a guitar strap on for a splint

he picked me up pillow and all and took me to the hospital.

it must have been the night for accidents.
on the way to the hospital we saw a terrible car accident.
My heart was beating very, very fast.
He played the radio to distract me.
It worked,
my favorite song by Selena Gomez
called ‘Who Says’ was on.
And it made me happy for a minute.
She sings,
“Who says you aren’t perfect?
Who says you’re not worth it?
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting?”

I had to wait a long time at the hospital.
In a weird bed with wheels.
I had to have an IV put in my arm
And an oxygen mask on my face.
My arm was bent like I had two wrists.

I looked at my mom close by me and she looked very worried.
She sat on the edge of her chair,
Her legs, arms, fingers crossed.
I hoped she would be careful,
and not fall out of it.

My Dad took pictures of everything
I wasn’t sure why
But I found out later,
My dad broke his arms three times.

I had to have a medicine to make
Me sleepy.
But my mom said I still moaned
when the doctor put my arm straight.

So i did my slumbering
at the hospital.
I am glad that there are good doctors in hospitals
And I am glad that my arm will heal.

But next time, I go to a slumber party,
I might sleep on the floor.

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